Wednesday, February 16, 2011


If you don't attempt things, you don't attract God. MYLES MUNROE
Silence cannot be misquoted. MYLES MUNROE
The wealth of your resource is limitless if you allow God to open your eyes to their possibilities. MYLES MUNROE
The grave yards are full of great men and women who never become great because they did not give their ability responsibility. MYLES MUNROE
The poorest man in the world is a man without a dream. MYLES MUNROE
The graveyard is the richest place on the surface of the earth because there you will see the books that were not published, ideas that were not harnessed, songs that were not sung, and drama pieces that were never acted. MYLES MUNROE
Your value is not determined by what people think about you. It is determined by I where you came from and you came out on God you are made in his image. MYLES MUNROE
Woke is God's gift to help you discover your potential. MYLES MUNROE
Don't be a pigeon if you were born to be an eagle. Experience God's altitude for your life. MYLES MUNROE
Circumstances and crises are God's tools to move you into your purpose and the maximizing of your potential. MYLES MUNROE
Our discouragement and dissatisfaction with life are the result of our separation.
Your ability is your responsibility. MYLES MUNROE
Fear is dwelling on all that could go wrong instead of what will go right. MYLES
Learn to recognize and combat the enemies of potential. MYLESMUNROE
Blessings are never given solely for the benefit of the one who receives them
When you have two totally opposite and separate visions within one home, what you really have is division, which leads to divorce. MYLESMUNROE

When   you   assign   roles   within   your marriage, you set up expectations. MYLES MUNROE
Crises are life's wake up call. MYLES MUNROE'
Retirement is never a concept in the minds of world changer. MYLES MUNROE
An average person goes to his grave with his music still in him MYLES MUNROE
You   are born to deploy   and   so   you employed yourself to deploy yourself.
The real you is the work you are born to do. MYLES MUNROE